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Philosophy of Sound


The sound of a steelpan is greatly determined by the crafting techniques used during the making process.  That is why our instruments display a smooth finish to the steel allowing us to isolate each note area for maximum clarity in pitch and to control the tone, or timbre.


Our attention to detail during the pan's construction makes each instrument sound and look outstanding.  The stability of the notes provides pitches that can be played at softer or louder music dynamics.  This committment to quality and balance means the player with a delicate touch, who does not like to play hard, has an instrument that is free of any dead sounding notes.  And those with a more forceful approach can drive the pan for musical expression during live performances without ill effects.




"After purchasing about five pans from different tuners, I have finally found my voice and it is a Dunleavy pan."

- Scott Prebys, former director of percussion studies

University of Mary, Bismark, ND

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